New young adult scifi story looks at capitalism and socialism through a new lens

Starting in April, all of my free time went into writing this novella, Halving It All, which has just been published on Amazon.

In this fun romp through the western Milky Way, Violet Self teaches economic concepts with her trusty Manual at several moon-based re-education camps. But when the Earth is closed during a pandemic, she befriends a few of her former Earthling campers forced to stay on Violet’s home moon. Together they attempt to solve its vicious hyperinflation, while mitigating the physical effects of an economic vaccine that’s being secretly dosed out. Sir Riordan Vastly, the Manual’s overbearing author, and his constantly rhyming wife join Violet and her cat (Fred) in tracking down the real cause of the moon’s inflationary troubles, while the girls from Earth learn valuable economic lessons about the true nature of both capitalism and socialism. This playful scifi story melds Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) with Henry Hazlitt (Economics in One Lesson) to impart economic concepts in a clever, entertaining way.

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