GekeVenn: Z-MEDICA

The federal government does a lot of business with Z-Medica company, and for good reason. The Connecticut-based company manufactures an innovative and life-saving product called QuikClot which  is fielded to every service member in the Defense Department. The product has been authorized for all First Aid Kits, Combat Life Saver Bags, and Medical Corpsman Kits.

The US military tested various antihemorrhagic technologies after 9/11 and QuickClot received the highest test score. As a result, the US armed forces approved its use.

But regardless of its products’ usefulness, the close connections between Z-Medica and the government are just as troubling as those of any corporation.

Back in 2016, Z-Medica received President Obama’s “E” Award for Exports during a ceremony in Washington, DC. This award is the highest form of recognition any U.S. company can receive from the government for expanding US exports. It was presented to Z-Medica by Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker. 

A few  months later, Senator Chris Murphy (CT-D.) highlighted Z-Medica as “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer,” a weekly award the senator hands out. 

According to Wikipedia, “The Department of Defense is funding research to explore other applications of QuikClot products in bleeding associated with traumatic injuries.”

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