GekeVenn: MAERSK

A few days ago, Maersk Line Limited was awarded a Defense Department contract worth $14 million to continue work on military watercraft in Japan. The Danish company’s relationship with the United States federal government is supported by several well-connected Washington lobbyists.

But its lobbyists do far more than grease procurement for the company. They continue to ensure funding for the Maritime Security Program which benefits large shipping companies like Maersk.

The most difficult issue Maersk deals with is the reaction of environmentalists to its shipbreaking (beaching end-of-life ships). Although the company enjoyed the esteem of European environmental and human rights groups in the past, 2016 brought criticism as it stopped its progressive ship recycling policy to instead sell scrap ships to beaching yards.

This method of ship scrapping is banned in the US and Europe, but Maersk has also been actively lobbying for its acceptance.





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