GekeVenn: Z-MEDICA

The federal government does a lot of business with Z-Medica company, and for good reason. The Connecticut-based company manufactures an innovative and life-saving product called QuikClot which  is fielded to every service member in the Defense Department. The product has been authorized for all First Aid Kits, Combat Life Saver Bags, and Medical Corpsman Kits. The […]

Harvard’s new president was former member of Obama education initiative

Harvard University is given millions of dollars in public funding every year, which has made the school a legitimate target of investigation by the Justice Department in light of allegations of admissions discimination. In fact, Harvard is facing suits not only by the Justice Department, but also an organization called Students for Fair Admissions and […]

GekeVenn: SAIC

SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) is an intelligence technology defense contractor based in Reston, Virginia. Part of the company was spun off in 2013 and is now known as Leidos. SAIC is probably best known for defrauding New York City out of $600 million. SAIC was originally awarded a $63 million contract for its CityTime […]

US Steel’s connections to various government agencies allow it to block tariff relief

The New York Times recently reported that US Steel, a company benefiting enormously from Trump’s 25 percent steel tariff, has been able to block tariff relief because of its ties to Trump administration officials. Tariff relief would come in the form of exemption requests and many US companies are asking the Commerce Department for them. […]

General Dynamics profits from immigration policy that separates children from families

So General Dynamics is another run-of-the-mill aerospace and defense contractor offering products and services in weapons, combat vehicles, aviation, and shipbuilding. But the company’s IT unit engages in a service that isn’t defense related: it aids the Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in coordinating placement of “unaccompanied minors” who […]

GekeVenn: MAERSK

A few days ago, Maersk Line Limited was awarded a Defense Department contract worth $14 million to continue work on military watercraft in Japan. The Danish company’s relationship with the United States federal government is supported by several well-connected Washington lobbyists. But its lobbyists do far more than grease procurement for the company. They continue […]

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Overlap of Trump Campaign and Big Business

This list is shorter than usual, primarily because Trump’s staff includes so many non-professionals who aren’t Washington insiders. This may seem like a good thing to some, as Washington needs more normal Americans participating in the process, rather than just beltway insiders. For what’s it’s worth, Trump’s non-professional staffers include a contestant from his television […]

Hillary Clinton’s campaign overlap

Many staffers on Hillary’s campaign staff have lobbied for corporations that are pretty un-progressive.The Grocery Manufacturers Association, that Drane lobbied for, often attempts to weaken progressive GMO regulations through its lobbying efforts. And Abedin’s lobbying firm Teneo did work for Jon Corzine’s MF Global before it went bankrupt.

Festival of Lights canceled or, How to anger everyone through economic ignorance

Well, it’s that time of year again, and as we lack the potential for snow here in Florida, we rely on twinkly Christmas lights to get us in the holiday spirit! The Orange County Park & Rec department (OCPR) here in Florida has been organizing the Cypress Grove Festival of Lights for 15 years. This year, though, […]